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Climate change due to the increase in our CO2 emissions is a major threat for humanity and biodiversity, which serious consequences will manifest themselves in the years to come. It has been shown that human activity has a great influence on the entire planet: pollution of natural spaces, massive extinctions of many species, increase of health risks, increasingly recurrent meteorological disturbances, increase in famine in the world, degradation of human conditions, …

The main causes of these disasters are:

– The production and excessive consumption of single-use plastic
– Animal husbandry and industrial agriculture

Refill Market wishes to have a positiv impact and to contribute to the reduction of single-use plastic, among other things through unnecessary packaging for daily shopping. We want to allow as many people as possible to be able to shop without a ton of packaging while allowing you to buy good quality and tasty products: a pleasant everyday life with low environmental impact.


– Every time you decide to buy products with reusable packaging (jars, cotton bags,) you reduce your carbon footprint compared to normal shopping.

– Every food packaging is unfortunately not recyclable.

– Recycling single-use packaging costs a lot more energy and generates a lot more CO2 emissions.


– Single-use plastic reduction

– Daily life waste reduction

– Responsible and transparent sales

– Reduce food waste

– Provide a “gezellig” grocery experience with low environmental impact

– Create and belong to the Zero Waste community in Delft, but also around the world.

Refill Market was born from an initiative of wanting to change things. It is true that changing our habits, our routine is never something easy but, we are asking you: “A small change for a better world, for a better future, for a common good, isn’t it worth a try?

That is our beliefs and we are convinced that together we will make it!

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