Hippolytusbuurt 29a, 2611 HM Delft

Recently, I have felt strongly the urge to change things that not only affect my life, but also the life of those around me. By opening our package-free Bulk Store, we want to make these changes that affect the life of others positively, a reality. My name is Gabriela, a Venezuelan woman who happily lives in The Netherlands since a couple of years.  

Even though I find the Netherlands is a great country to live in, I notice that a surplus of plastic is circulating here as well. Even vegetables in local supermarkets are wrapped in plastic. Together, we create a huge amount of plastic waste. I remember back in the day, in Venezuela, there were still many zero-waste type of stores. Over the years, many of those stores have disappeared, and we have been producing more and more plastic. But, fortunately, the tide seems to be turning now. More and more people want to contribute to a cleaner environment and live more consciously. This also applies to me. So, when Maria Victoria came up with the idea of opening our own zero waste Bulk Store in the center of Delft, I didn’t hesitate, not even for a second.

In our store, you will find a very diverse assortment of products. You will definitely leave our store feeling satisfied with your purchase, and not unimportant, without shame. Let us all  contribute to the zero-waste project and participate in the zero-waste lifestyle. Join us in our journey and make your plastic footprint as little as possible!